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Reasons why one earphone is louder than the other

Reasons why one earphone is louder than the other

Sometimes, you get puzzled, worried and irritated when you notice that you could hear with one earbud while the other one is very low. You may have a question, why is one earphone louder than the other? There are various reasons why you may be experiencing this problem with one of your earphones.

one earphone is louder than the other

Reason 1: Cleaning your earbuds:

Experts suggest you the best thing to do to fix headphones when one side is louder are to restore your earphone which means you need to clean your device. According to research, about ninety percent of these cases occur because sound waxes can produce heat and this alone may cause the wax in your ears to melt. If this happens, the earwax can be accumulating inside the earbuds until it will stifle the device and reduce the sound. Let us understand the procedures and processes in cleaning the earpiece.

There are two things you need to use in cleaning up your device such as earbuds, the one used for cleaning your ears and nail polish remover, which is also called ethyl acetate. Again, another excellent product you can use is a hydrogen peroxide solution, which is also referred to as thinner.

Reason 2: Fault in hardware malfunctioning:

If you are suspecting that the fault is hardware malfunctioning, you can consult a professional to help you out. It is not advisable to try in fixing it by yourself, except you have the technical know-how on the functionalities of the device. Else, you may make the situation worse than ever.

However, if the new headphones have the problem headphones louder in one ear, then nothing is wrong with your earbud. You need to check the balance settings on your player and adjust it until the two earbuds sound equally loud. Also, there the problem may occur due to certain CD ROM players (the ones in your computer) might not play some tracks. The reason is that it had been an older system and equipment.

However, before taking any action towards one headphone louder than the other by repairing and fixing of the earphones, you need to check with other products as well. After using it on all other devices and you face the sound from the defective and faulty earphones, then it would be some serious reason, you should take it to a technical person who will work on it.