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Methods to charge your tablet without a charger

Methods to charge your tablet without a charger

You need not worry If you’ve forgotten, misplaced, or plain just don’t have your phone charger. This usually happens when people travel and forget to take the charger along with them. You can still get your phone charged. All you have to do is require either a charging cable compatible with your phone or a wireless charging pad. Let us understand how to charge a tablet without a charger.

Method 1: charge with the help of USB ports:

Most USB ports found in airports, hotels and some coffee shops provide enough power to charge a standard smartphone. Some hotel rooms have USB ports built into lamps and bedside tables. They are usually of the type USB-A shape which is suitable for all devices.

Step 1: Plug the USB end of the charging cable into the USB port available.

Step 2: Plug the other end into your phone.

Method 2: charge with the help of a power pack:

There are emergency cases when you are not able to find a USB port. In such cases an alternative way to charge a tablet is that you need to buy a power pack. The power in the power banks gets transmitted and your mobile phone starts to charge step 1: you can keep the power bank charged at home.

Step 2: once you hone is off you will need a USB cable to connect it to the power bank and your mobile phone.

Method 3:  Use an Eco-Friendly Solar-Powered Charger:

A great choice for outdoor adventures is the solar-powered charger .a solar-powered charger only requires sunlight to run. You may have a question about how a solar battery works. Sunlight charges a battery in the unit which is then used to charge the phone directly. This is the other way to charge a tablet.

Step 1: Set up the charger to collect sunlight, or place it on your backpack to charge it while hiking.

Step 2: Plug your charging cable into the charger and your phone.

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Method 4: Charge Your Tablet with a Car Charger:

Nowadays modern vehicles have USB ports where you can use for charging mobile devices. If not, you can buy an adapter that plugs into it and use it to charge your phone.

Step 1: Start your car or turn it into accessory mode.

Step 2: Plug one end of your charging cable into the car’s USB port or adapter and the other end into your phone.