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Reasons for Bluetooth connecting and disconnecting

Reasons for Bluetooth connecting and disconnecting

Wireless devices depend on a certain spectrum to function and multiple devices using the same spectrum, this is one main reason that can cause disconnection. Higher quality headsets experience such issues.

Bluetooth keeps disconnecting and reconnecting is nor a major issue. Let us understand how to fix the Bluetooth disconnection problem and also how to improve better Bluetooth connections.

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What are the possible ways to fix the Bluetooth disconnection problem?

Step 1: Place your device into airplane mode temporarily reset all wireless connections.

Step 2: go to device settings – location -improve accuracy – click on disable Bluetooth scanning.

Step 3: go to your application manager, locate the Bluetooth applications, select storage and clear the caches and data of the applications.

Step 4: battery may be weaker at either end. You will have to check this issue with a technical person.

Step 5: interference from either device or because of distances cause the link to drop is the reason behind unstable Bluetooth connection. It is always advised to place the connected devices close to each other for better signal transmission.

If you are still facing the same problem then you will have to start your mobile in safe mode. You need to check by uninstalling and installing the apps which can be the reason for this problem.

How to improve your Bluetooth connection:

Step 1: change the position or location of the connected device. It is advised to keep it closer to the connected device

Step 2: if the connected device has a cover on it, take it off to improve the communication distances.

Step 3: Bluetooth keep turning off if your connected device is on the bad, pocket or little far away. Try to bring it to a closed position or replace the device to a different location.

Step 4: place the device closer to each other to improve better connection and it improves signal transmission.

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Bluetooth headsets only need to reach the phone in your pocket or bag. Most Bluetooth headphones keep disconnecting because they have a range of only 10 meters that is 30 feet. This means that they emit far less radiation than a cell phone. You can ask how much less it can be. It’s One thousand times less.

Bluetooth connection and disconnection is generally not a serious issue. If you had to face such issues just follow these simple instruction to avoid Bluetooth connection issues improve your Bluetooth connectivity.